Wedding Dress Preservation: All you need to know

Wedding dresses hold a very special and significant place in the couple’s life. They spend months and days planning and designing their wedding outfits. It is the one special dress that has witnessed the entire wedding ceremony and has pure love essence. As a bride, you imagine yourself a thousand times before you actually wear it on the wedding day. The emotions and love behind choosing this ideal wedding dress are immeasurable. 

Wedding dresses are mostly expensive and people don’t mind spending those extra bucks for their perfect imagined wedding dress. Brides often opt for customized wedding gowns with additional fabrication and detailed embroidery. After all, these small efforts are what makes for an ideal wedding dress.

But what after the wedding day is over? Is it fair to just wrap the dress and put it in the back of your closet? The answer is No. After all the efforts and indefinite memories associated with the wedding gown, it should be well-preserved to keep the emotions and memories forever alive. 

There are various reasons why one would like to choose wedding dress preservation. Some of them can be: 

  • To withhold the special essence and memories of the wedding day 

A wedding is one of the most adored events in a person’s life. Everything related to the wedding is special in its own ways. We hire photographers and videographers to capture the precious moments that can be cherished for life. Similarly, people like to preserve wedding dresses to maintain the ethos of love, warmth, and tons of emotions associated with it. 

  • To pass it onto the future generations

Many a time families have the culture of passing on their wedding dress to the coming generations. It is very special to have your wedding dress worn by a close person on their most auspicious day. For such instances, wedding dress preservation is the right choice. By this, you can preserve the gown in pristine condition without any fabric crease or damage for years. 

  • Re-sell the wedding dress 

Since wedding dresses are quite expensive, some people prefer to resell them at a lower price to willing buyers. This is common in the case of designer wedding dresses. Some brides want to wear specific designer dresses that go beyond their budget. In such cases, brides opt for wedding dress preservation services and resell it to another interested buyer who has the same fascination for the designer label. 

  • Rent it for photoshoots 

Being an expensive dress, some people might prefer to earn some extra money by renting their wedding dress for photoshoots. There are production people who look for brides willing to rent their wedding gowns for movies and photoshoots. They offer a good amount of money for mint condition gowns on an hourly rental basis. 

  • Pass it on for charity 

Some brides decide to donate their wedding dresses to people who can’t afford a proper wedding dress. Since wedding dresses are mostly worn once or twice in the entire lifetime, they believe in helping other brides by giving away their wedding dresses. In other cases, brides auction their wedding dresses and give away the entire money for charitable funds. Therefore, those brides get their gown preserved right after the wedding ceremony and pass it on for charity. 

How it is different from normal cleaning? 

Wedding dress preservation is a customized process that involves a detailed assessment, storing, and cleaning of your dress. On the other hand, normal cleaning is a generalcleaning service that uses standard cleaning materials for all sorts of clothes and fabric. 

Wedding gown preservation is done by professional experts who identify the dress material, embroidery, and fabric quality before deciding the cleaning and preservation process. Wedding dresses may look similar but vary greatly in terms of quality and material. 

Before the preservation process, your wedding dress requires a thorough cleaning. While cleaning substances used by normal cleaners can be harmful or damaging to the fabric quality, wedding preservation experts use ideal virgin cleaning solvents that do not harm the dress material and ensure complete cleaning of the dress. 

Furthermore, wedding preservation services assure no damage to the quality of your wedding dress during the preservation process and ensure complete cleaning and stain removal

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