What is the best Bose Soundbar 500?

Bose the world’s leader in audio equipment and audio accessories, has begun a fresh chapter of its long-running home audio heritage by introducing an innovative wireless smart speaker as well as two new soundbars that are smart. 

This morning, Bose launched the new Home Speaker 500 for music and has also announced its Bose Soundbar 700 along with the Soundbar 500 for music and home theatre.

Bose Soundbar is designed to fulfill a variety of requirements and demands of users with its size.

Alexa voice-activated speaker and music streaming via the cloud as well as via Bluetooth as well as a pliable audio nature.

That is adjustable using an array of equalization tools as well as add-on accessories. From music-loving youngsters and movie buffs to the elderly who are hard of hearing.

First, a warning note. As with other TV manufacturers who boost the contrast and brightness of their displays at the factory to provide.

An eerie illumination in showrooms. Bose goes for the excitement in their Soundbar 500.

When compared in casual stores this soundbar has produced more high-frequency sound.

Then Alexa and Polk’s voice-activated counterparts. Sonos as well as Polk.

Ah, I like it!

Luckily, I was capable of taming the beast with the help of the soundbar’s accompanying Bose Music app. Which is available on Android as well as iOS devices.

In my kitchen test setup, I turned the treble two notches lower (20 degrees) and then turned up the volume (+10) within the app.

This was a huge improvement! It evened out 90% of the scratchy artifice. But still retained enough character for development and a scenic ambiance.

I could still sense that wonderful micro-detailing sound.

The resonance of the concert hall acoustics background noise from the streets and the harmonic overtones of analog instruments.

That mash-up with advanced productions on Netflix as well as Prime Video productions such as Springsteen on Broadway.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and Matt Groening’s bizarre medieval-themed cartoon show Disenchantment.

On the ancient Philips Ambilight HDTV nestled up on the wall of my kitchen, the audio-only were visible. And did not even show in the family-room Panasonic Plasma, a top-of-the-line plasma that had the poorest speakers that backfired.

Room-correction toolkit

Using Bose soundbar room measuring, extra sensitivity training was carried out to remarkable impact. And re-equalization kit ADAPTiQ.

It’s digital sound processing. And sampling system requires you to wear a specific headband microphone that connects to the side of the speaker.

You can then move around the room in search of your preferred listening or sitting spots. while the soundbar emits space-age telling-all tones.

This method enhanced the stereo experience by releasing more content to the speakers at a controlled time.

In those instances when people on-screen appear to be speaking in a foreign language. It is possible to use the Soundbar 500 also offers a voice assistant.

That boosts frequency response across the 8-16kHz range based on the AudioSource live spectrum analyzer. Where in the legendary Fifth Beatle discusses his grief at losing hearing at 12kHz when the time came to enter the 50s.

It’s a common occurrence that he described: “You [still] hear the vowels, but have to guess at the consonants.”

A good reason to consider investing in the Soundbar 500 for those who are indisposed. It does a better job of enhancing your voice than the other soundbars I’ve used, including Yamaha and ZVOX.

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Issues in Connectivity

Connecting the device to connect in multi-room fashion with other products. As well as the app that controls your smartphone is simple to do the job.

As long as all are within a distance of your primary Wi-Fi-beaming router. (There’s an extra Soundbar 700 and Bass Module 700 available in the latest Bose smart speaker range).

But, if you’ve installed an extra router with a bridge to increase your Wi-Fi’s reach. As I did, you may notice that the back-room-based Soundbar 500 drops off the network.

Bose is investigating this issue according to a tech support representative told me. To work around my difficult location. I set up an ethernet cable that I hardwired with the powerline ethernet adapter kit.

It’s the bottom line

The Soundbar 500 might catch some consumers and even retailers off of their guard. And give them an incorrect impression that comes out of the box.

We found that this device requires some tweaking to get it to sound at its highest.

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