Do You Think Branding and Packaging are Two Different Things?

People may get confused between two different terms of business, which are branding and packaging. Most people do not think of them as a separate unit in a business. However, if you know the business, you know that these concepts are way different logically and factually. Both of them are concepts of marketing, but both have different purposes. Branding is a marketing strategy that uses a distinct name of your company, its logo, or an image of the product. However, the packaging does not necessarily include any of these things. It can become a tool for branding, if we print company logos on them just like many companies do on 60ml bottle boxes. But not all packaging can be considered as a branding channel.

Branding is used to make a product unique and differentiate it from other products on the market. In the long term, this will benefit the company. Packaging is also very important as it helps attract customers and convince them to buy the product. It helps grab customers’ attention by conveying a brand message to them. Hence, if marketers want to maintain brand loyalty and build long-term relationships with their customers, they should focus on these two aspects.

What is Branding?

The main objective that branding serves is to provide a unique identity to your product. It will help your product stand differently on the shelf of shopping malls. It helps the company seek consumer interest and loyalty among other similar products. Companies use branding as one of the marketing strategies to make customers aware of the company and product.

The required changes should be made timely in branding if you want to continue your growth in the market. Your product can easily be identified among all with the help of proper branding. Marketers use numerous strategies to develop brand value by following all features that marketing strategy has been offering like;

  • Logo
  • Image
  • Color Combination
  • Style
  • Brand Name

Your branding makes your product unique from the other ones and asserts your company’s ownership of it. Branding and packaging are very important to businesses as they make the buying process easier. Branding helps a company build trust with its customers, which leads to long-term relationships.

What is Packaging?

The sole purpose of packaging is to pack your product in it. But, nowadays, packaging has become a type of company crate that is used to cover, contain, or wrap your product and protect it from getting damaged.

The packaging does not only have to be attractive, but it also has to protect your product from damage until it reaches the consumer. Now, it has become one of the most crucial elements of marketing. Packaging is being printed in all sorts of graphics. You can even put the logo of your company on it for branding purposes. Packaging also provides information about the product. Therefore, it can be used for;

  1. Brand Identification
  2. Providing Product information.
  3. Securing your product
  4. For Promotional purposes

Main Differences between Branding and Packaging

Branding and packaging have many differences, and some of the major ones are given below;

  1. Difference of Meaning

The meanings of Branding and packaging are totally different. Packaging is used to wrap your product. It is something that protects it from getting damaged. However, branding is used to make your product identified among consumers.

  1. Difference of Purposes

The purpose of branding is to seek a unique identity for your product and company, whereas the packaging promotes keeping your product safe from all possible damages during delivery. Branding ensures the identification of product and packaging ensure the safety of the product.

  1. Different Elements

The elements that represent Brandings are;

  • Logo
  • Name
  • Color
  • Sign

The elements that represent packaging are;

  • Safety
  • Color
  • Description
  • Font
  • Durability


Both Branding and Packaging stores come with their own set of advantages. Branding helps you ensure the trust of consumers in your product and make brand loyalty to customers. On the other hand, Packaging can be used to gain the attention of customers. Companies are using Custom packaging boxes to lure increases and get their products picked from the shelf.


Both Branding and Packaging stores are important tools that are used to run a business. You cannot neglect the importance of any of these. The better thing is to collaborate their features with each other to get maximum benefits from them. That means you can print your log, company name, and product information on the packaging.

This way, your packaging will act as one of the tools that branding needs to ensure your product identification. You can even get your custom-made packaging according to different events to provide something extra to your consumers. That way, you will be able to stand different among the whole shelf of similar products in shopping malls and attract consumer attention.

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