Give a New Lease of Life with Royal Paint Colour

Are you planning to renovate a heritage property? It is indeed a rare sight to see a heritage property in today’s real estate market. But once you come across one, you can’t but admire the grandeur of a bygone era. It is essential to preserve such wonderful works of art as they provide a portal into the days gone by while still living in the present. Are you a homeowner who is lucky enough to own any such property? Then this piece of information is for you. Renovating and bringing life back to your heritage property is a task that requires attention, commitment and good quality paints.

The exterior of the building has to look as inviting as the interior.  The paint used on the outside of the building has to be more durable as it will be exposed to harsh weather conditions. Using royal paint colour for the interior is an obvious choice as it comes in a varied colour palette. Generally, in heritage homes, each room has a designated purpose. The room colour has to be chosen based on the purpose of the room. A parlour room, for example, can mostly be having a lot of sunlight and hence brighter colours such as sunlight yellow create a very inviting space. Whereas the foyer can have an off-white shade to create a welcoming and refreshing look. The dining space can be coloured a deeper purple or dark green to create an illusion of living in the regal era.

The exterior house painting colour has to be chosen wisely. It should not only elevate the character of the building but it should also be durable. We must remember that older buildings have been exposed to wear and tear. So, before any renovations, a thorough audit must be done to check for any other issues. The following are some issues that can be addressed.

Exterior Plumbing

Leaking pipes that run on the exterior of the building can cause a lot of moss and bacteria to grow, creating a sore spot for the eyes. No matter how gorgeous the building is, the eye is drawn to that one leaking spot. The repairs have to be taken care of before exterior house painting is underway.

Pest Infestations

Woodwork generally takes a beating over a prolonged period and in heritage homes, there is a lot of woodwork used in the construction of the building structure. The humid climate invites termites and other pest infestations and hence this has to be dealt with before painting work.

Electrical Repairs

The wiring in heritage homes was done when the building was being constructed. The electrical system may need to be updated to our requirements today. These electrical repairs have to be taken care of much before the painting work begins.

While we take care of all these major aspects, we must not ignore the aesthetics of the whole construction. Doors and windows are a big part of a home’s character. Choosing the right colour for the doors and windows especially, when there is a varied colour theme for each room is vital. A blueprint with each room colour and corresponding door or window colour should help with planning and execution.

There are many ways to refurbish and bring to life your old heritage property. The most economical way to do so is just with royal paint colour. Having said that, hiring the right contractors who understand and have experience in dealing with heritage homes is also essential. Consult with a few before zeroing on one for your heritage property. Restoring your home to its former glory is only one brush stroke away!

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