September 28, 2022

A Yoga Retreat in Haridwar

Haridwar, also known as the Yoga Capital of India, is a place with mesmerising ghats and riversides where ancient gurus and sages have practised and perfected meditation and Yoga for years. Since I have always been fascinated by Yoga, I planned a quick weekend getaway from Delhi during my winter vacations to learn the ancient Yoga secrets and practise this fitness art at various Yoga retreats in Haridwar by booking an economical taxi from Delhi to Haridwar.

Since I went on a Yoga retreat for a week, I decided to explore different Yoga resorts, and to give a better overview, here are some retreats I visited. 

Naturoville Ayurvedic and Yoga Retreat

Naturoville Ayurvedic Yoga Retreat is one of the most famous Yoga retreats in Haridwar not only because it is elegant, but because it allows you to practise Yoga more efficiently. Situated in Lal Tappar amid the magnificent vistas of the Himalayas, this retreat helped me discover the yogic path of life right where it all started. 

This place is not only a Yoga retreat, but here I also engaged in many fun activities like hiking, rafting, and local sightseeing. Furthermore, after a relaxing Yoga morning and evening session, one can also go for a relaxing ayurvedic massage to calm the body’s tightened muscles and nerves.

 Sattva Retreat

After completing a 2-day Yoga camp at the Naturoville Ayurvedic and Yoga Retreat, I decided to head to Sattva Retreat, another famous Yoga retreat near Haridwar. This Yoga retreat has redefined the Yoga experience with its exceptional offerings. 

There are 25 different rooms equipped with antique furniture, and the amenities include 24-hour room service, laundry, 24-hour backup, travel assistance, and an in-room safe. Also, after a delightful Yoga experience amidst the serene experience, I headed straight to the ayurvedic spa retreat adjacent to the river and introspection gardens. 

Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram and Retreat

An ideal place for Yoga enthusiasts globally, Anand Prakash is one of the best Yoga retreats near Haridwar. Situated in the peaceful surroundings of Tapovan, it is a hub of Vedic Healing. This retreat was established by Yogarishi Vishveketu and his Canadian wife, Chetana Panwar, in 2007 to train people and make them follow a yogic lifestyle. 

Apart from learning different Yoga asanas, I also learned Ayurvedic lessons. Since I did not have much time, I decided to opt for 200 hours of Yoga training. This Yoga retreat likewise follows the Akhand procedure, which means full and inseparable, presenting a holistic toolkit for the keen Yoga learners.

  • Yoga Niketan

Founded and established in 1964 by the renowned Swami Yogeshwarananda Paramahansa, a leader of Raja Yoga who spent most of his life performing meditation and Yoga in the Himalayas. 

According to the Patanjali Yoga Shastra, people coming to this Yoga retreat are presented with instructions based on the Eightfold Path. Furthermore, this centre’s students will follow a rigorous day-to-day schedule of meditation, Yoga, and lectures.

All in all, wellness and travel is not a new concept. So to unfold new meanings of life, I would suggest everyone plan a trip to these Yoga retreats at Haridwar by booking one of the reliable car rentals in Delhi with a driver. They help you take a quick break from your stressed life, nourish your soul and bring your life back to track. So why wait? Plan a trip to these retreats soon and gain a wonderful spiritual and peaceful experience. 

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