September 29, 2022

Everything You Need To Know About NAD Infusion Therapy 

    The advances that we have gained in the study of the body, illnesses, and health for the past 20 years have been more than what we have accomplished in the last century. Nowadays new treatments for old diseases have been discovered and extensively studied as well as new diseases have been identified and are now being observed and more and more knowledge have been added to what we already know and this has revolutionized the way we think about illnesses. In the past, the medical community and health scientists have been able to determine that changes in the body brought about by aging can be successfully treated with certain procedures and treatments that are considered therapeutic but can be administered in specialty clinics. These therapies address deficiencies in the body that can help the body correct itself and therefore avoid the side effects and long-term use of drugs that can be harmful to other organs of the body. 

    A breakthrough in these alternative forms of therapies is called NAD Infusion therapy, which is the slow infusion of a specially formulated supplement called the NAD+ co-enzyme which is delivered intravenously to the patient. The NAD+ co-enzyme is necessary for cellular metabolism; with very little amounts it can be detrimental to the body at the cellular level. Since it is delivered into the bloodstream it can directly reach the cells and then result in healthy mitochondrial functioning. This would mean that the cells can utilize oxygen and nutrients from food and then efficiently converts it into energy that keeps the body alert, and energized and it can also enhance the mood and awareness of the patient. It also helps fight off chronic fatigue and brain fog which are common among those who are advancing in age. The body’s cells run on NAD+ which is the power source of the cell and supports biological processes such as converting food to energy, the repair of damaged DNA, strengthening the immune system, and resetting the body’s circadian rhythm. However, the body’s NAD+ resources are depleted with age and it is also been associated with the weakening of bodily functions. Thus, it would make sense to increase the NAD+ reserves in the body to reverse the effects of aging. 

What is NAD infusion therapy? 

    NAD infusion therapy is the newest health treatment that targets the decrease in NAD+ in the body. NAD+ is used by the cells for biological processes and is a crucial factor in one’s health. As part of aging, the body no longer produces the same amount of NAD+ and therefore the cells are unable to efficiently complete their metabolic processes. The result of this is erratic moods, chronic fatigue, and being forgetful as well as lowered energy levels. Thus, this treatment targets the infusion of NAD+ into the bloodstream so that it will get faster into the cells, and therefore counteract the effects of lowered NAD+ in the body. It involves the slow infusion of NAD+ into the body through intravenous insertion. It would take about 2 hours per treatment as the infusion rate is done very slowly so that the cells will have enough time to absorb and process the NAD+ coenzyme. The therapy is safe and the NAD+ used is the same as produced by the human body. There will also be a staff with you throughout the treatment and the observed side effects are minimal, some may become nauseous, and experience cramps and muscle fatigue. The effects of the treatment can be immediate right after the infusion or between 2 to 2 days. It does provide that boost of energy that helps the patient feel like their younger selves. 

What are the benefits of NAD infusion therapy? 

    Studies have found that lowered NAD+ levels have been associated with chronic illnesses, including heart disease, loss of vision, dementia, and diabetes among others. Experiments with animals have shown that increasing NAD+ levels can help in preventing further damage brought about by aging and chronic diseases. Additionally, the NAD+ has also been able to help recovering addicts control their impulses and even in the recovery of patients with traumatic brain injury. Most recently, it was also observed that NAD+ infusion therapy helped covid patients in their post-covid recovery. Thus, the benefits of this treatment are two-fold, it helps the body reverse the effects of aging at a cellular level and it also improves the well-being and mental health of the patients. This breakthrough therapy can help people generally feel better about their bodies, their health, and their mental well-being. In this post-pandemic period, many people have been adversely affected by covid and it has indeed lowered the quality of life of those affected by it. This treatment provides a way for the body to recover from the ill effects of time, illnesses, and stressors, without having to invest in several treatments that may not be backed by scientific evidence. 

Where to have NAD infusion therapy? 

    NAD+ infusion therapy is available at specialty clinics in major cities but at the moment, there are still a few of those and you might have to travel to find a clinic near you. If you are interested in the treatment but want to know more, the next best thing to do is to do your research and find out more about it. You can do an online search of NAD+ therapy and visit the websites of the clinics that offer it. You can also contact the clinic and ask for a free consultation wherein you will get the opportunity to ask about the treatment and be clarified on the aspects of the therapy that you are concerned with. After which, you will be assessed to determine if you are a good candidate for the therapy. You need to disclose your health and medical history to the doctors in the clinic at this point and you must do so honestly so that they will be able to give you the most appropriate diagnosis. After this, you will be given the treatment schedule and fees, and if you are amenable to it, then the therapy will begin as scheduled. 

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