September 29, 2022

Notch provides Instagram Insurance…

The Isreal based startup Notch recently announced it would begin to offer subscribers Instagram Insurance. In today’s digital landscape getting hacked is very much a possibility for anyone not taking the correct safeguards.

This new and novel Instagram Insurance is aimed mainly at digital influencers and celebrities that may fear their Instagram accounts being hacked. For those subscribing to this Instagram Insurance, they are able to claim a daily payout in case they are hacked and cannot access their account.

The service offers compensation for every 24 hours that the subscriber cannot hack into their Instagram account for a period of upto 90 days in the extreme. Making sure your passwords and login credentials are safe and secure is of the utmost importance.

This information must be kept secret and stored only in very trusted locations. Safety and security of mobile applications such as Instagram is never guaranteed 100% and it is this that has created the need for a product such as Instagram Insurance.

Augmented reality app design has also made it possible for products such as Instagram to leverage the power of technology to satisfy the demands of its loyal users. 

Cryptic Password

When first of all creating your profile you should use a very strong password right from the get go. It should have a mix of numbers and letters and also a combination of capital and simple characters. Professional social media users should avoid using passwords that are weak and for example linked to the user’s name or date of birth.

There are also password generators if required that will generate a unique password that is considered as ‘strong’ however you should always use a trusted tool for such purposes. To maintain online privacy and safety you should never share your login details with any third parties or unknown entities.

Another feature of recent AR iPad app development is the introduction of biometric security protocols so users can access secure platforms using their eyes, face or even fingerprints as required. 

It is also possible to use features such as two-factor authentication that ensures all login attempts are supported by confirmation from a secondary device or access point.

Modern advances in hacking include phishing and digital impersonation where hackers steal your online credentials and proceed to assume your digital identity in order to make financial gains. 

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Global Appeal

Ever since its launch in 2012 Instagram has gone on to become one of the world’s leading platforms for visual expression using both images and videos.

Products, brands and services can today use platforms such as Instagram to promote themselves. The rise of the digital influencer can also be very much attributed to Instagram that supports original content creators in monetizing their creative outputs.

Such is the popularity of Instagram as of 2015 over 40 billion photographs had been added to Instagram. This is a testament to the platform’s global appeal and popularity, where adoption is not limited to languages or cultures.

The basic process of taking photos and videos and sharing them with friends, followers and others is what Instagram is really good at. Along the way they have introduced many features that add value to the user experience. These include Instagram Reels and Stories that offer users an additional channel to express themselves. 

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